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We do more than say that we stand behind the quality products we sell.  We’re licensed for quality too.


US Licensed PACA member – #20050213 – US Produce, Agriculture, Commodities Act


Canadian Member DRC – #2379 – Canadian Dispute Resolution Council

information service technology - 1901

Blue Book Member #138420 – Trading Member since 2007


PMA Member – Member since 2015

At Vee’s Marketing, we follow the produce industry “Good Delivery Standard” using the following interpretation: 

1.  Onions scoring 5% or more in the serious defects column do not make “Good Delivery”

2.  Onions scoring 4% or less in the serious defects column do make “Good Delivery” unless they score 9% or more defects in the general defects column.

3.  Onions scoring 9% or more in the general defects column are out of grade, even if the defects do not score in the serious defects column

4.  A shipper is entitled to a government inspection if they request it.  Scoring by a federal inspector will be considered final.

5.  If the federal inspection is waived, the customer will have the right to deduct from the invoice a reasonable amount to cover shrink and any additional expense incurred as a result of sub-standard product.  A settlement report from the customer detailing the deduction must be returned to Vee’s within 10 days of the trouble report being filed.  Failure to produce a settlement report 30 days past the filing of the trouble report will void the claim making the file due as originally ordered.

6.  No invoice deduction will be allowed without a trouble report accompanying the short pay invoices

7.  If a federal inspection is taken and the onions “pass” score within “Good Delivery Standards” the following will apply:

      –  The customer will not be entitled to any deduction off the invoice.

      –  The customer will be liable to pay for the federal inspection.

8.  Vee’s Marketing will attempt to moderate all claims (disputes) in a fair and unbiased position with equal rights being paid to both shipper and receiver.